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The Advantages of Having an SEO Compliant Website - Yahoo Voices

If you are looking for a way to increase your site traffic, then you need to understand search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is a primary way that website owners can improve their site ranking and increase targeted traffic.

Search engines use certain criteria in their indexing algorithms, which allows them to offer results that are actually relevant to users. The advantages to search engine optimization extend not just to website owners, but also for internet users and search engines. What are the specific benefits of search engine optimization? Read on, and let's review them one by one.


Search engines can do much more than just help users find web pages. In the early days of search engines, you could only expect search engines to index, rank, and display results. With recent refinements in the algorithms, you can expect much more than just the basics. Your displays can now be customized based on a number of parameters. For instance, you can favor video results if you have difficulty seeing text on the screen, or automatically translate some pages that are published in a language you don't know.

SEO compliance helps search engines identify which of these special parameters apply to your site. This helps it be indexed more accurately, and listed according to the different ways the information can be accessed. SEO compliant sites also make it easier to view the site with tablets or other such devices, text-to-speech readers, or smartphone browsers.


A basic assumption when you use a search engine is that it will retrieve relevant content. The more relevant the content, the more popular and widely-used the search engine. SEO compliance is what helps these engines recognize where your site is relevant. The more accurate your SEO, the less likely you'll simply have annoyed visitors who weren't really looking for what you have to offer. Any results that aren't accurate may not get any visitors, and visitors that do actually click are likely to bounce right back to the search results.


Your site might be full of wonderful and useful content, but that doesn't matter if your potential customers never see your site. SEO compliant sites can be indexed and ranked properly, while search engines can't recognize sites that are not adequately optimized. These sites will probably never come up in search results, and this means no one will visit your site. Most long-term traffic is a direct result of organic search results. While you can count on other methods of promotion to drive traffic, it can quickly get expensive and time-consuming since virtually all other types of promotion cost. These costs are often directly tied to the volume of your traffic, and even then you have to know how to promote accurately in order to get quality, converting traffic.

If you want your website to be successful, then you need targeted traffic. You want visitors who are looking to buy what you are selling, not just random people clicking your link. Visitors who come across your site accidentally are unlikely to buy anything. They will probably just move on, and continue looking for what they actually want. Targeted traffic brings site visitors who are interested in what you are offering before they even visit the this site site. If your visitors are pre-interested, then they are simply deciding where to make a purchase. By making your site SEO compliant, you increase the odds that that purchase will be on your site, which offers you a distinct advantage over your competition.

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